Window Film for Your Home or Office Security (Infographics)

Police departments must submit reports every year about the most common crimes and the least experienced ones. Burglary is the most commonly reported crime in any city. The crime of theft is the most common.

Robbery is often committed by someone entering a location, public or private, with the intent of taking something. Many homes and businesses now have CCTV cameras installed and can use window tinting in Ontario CA, for additional protection.

Window tints are can be more effective than CCTV cameras in protecting your home. They can be installed on cars, as well as on residential and commercial windows. They provide an additional layer of protection. Here’s how:

  • Slows down intruders – Criminals can’t see through the glass because it is making the windows darker on the outside.
  • Increase privacy – Homes and businesses can be more productive without the intrusive eyes of outsiders, and window tinting in Anderson CA does the work.
  • Shatterproof – Even if someone broke into your windows, they would still have difficulty. Tints will make your windows shatterproof. Window films can be used to protect your windows from damage due to impact.

KEPLER window tints & films have over 500 locations in the US. Our dedicated professionals are committed to delivering only the best service to our customers. Learn more from this infographic.