What Attic Ladder Should You Consider?

What Attic Ladder Should You Consider?

Attic ladders come in various sizes, designs, and materials. As a homeowner, choosing the right one to reach the upper levels of home with attics would mean a lot. To ensure that you get the right ladders, there are some considerations you need to consider.

Here are some of them:

Choosing the Right Material Used in a Ladder

While it can be tempting to get the one that is easily available in your areas, it could still make a huge difference if you know what you want to narrow down your options. There are many available selections in the market, but you could choose between aluminium ladders and wood ones.

Characteristics of Aluminium Ladders

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Not easily affected by humidity and rust

Characteristics of Wood Ladders

  • Sturdy
  • Cheaper
  • It Can be a Bit Heavier, depending on the type of wood you are considering

Other Factors to Consider When Selecting an Attic Ladder


 Before considering any type of attic ladders, accurately measure the dimension first. This involves the width and length. This guarantees that what you will be purchasing is the right fit on your ceiling manholes. This ensure a smooth attic project.

Weight Capacity

Of course, it would be convenient to know the weight capacity of the attic you are getting. This refers to the weight it can safely support. This is crucial, especially if you are aiming to use your attic on a daily basis.

Ask Important Questions

When things get hard in choosing, two inquiries can narrow down your choices:

Who Will Use Your Attic Ladder the Most?

Considering the family members that will be using the attic ladder is vital. From here, you can tell if you will need a standard one, or something more sturdy because of their weight or height.

How Often They Will Be Using It?

The time they will be using them is enough to look for the right material to sustain your need and preference.

Meanwhile, if you will be using it frequently, you can go for a cheaper option to save some budget.