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Signs that your Water Heater Needs Repair

One of the good qualities of a hands-on homeowner is when they regularly check the condition of every appliance they have at home—ensuring that all of these are in perfect condition and working well. 

When checking the functionality of your appliances, it is best to check your water heater as it is one of the most used appliances at home and prone to damages. If there are issues with your heater, it is recommended to seek help from specialists that render water treatment services in Punta Gorda, FL.

Here are the signs that tell when you need water heater repair services to make you more aware of your heater condition.

#1 Fluctuation in Water Temperature

The temperature of the water will fluctuate if there is an issue with the water heater. Even if you do not make any modifications to the water temperature, it will continue to fluctuate. This is usually caused by mineral deposits accumulating around the heater’s water heating components. 

#2 Reduced Hot Water Pressure

Mineral deposits can wreak your water heater by reducing the hot water pressure. Their accumulation in the water heater’s heating components might block pipes, lowering the pressure of the water coming from the water heater. 

#3 Leakage of Hot Water

When there is a leak, a small amount of water usually drips down the water heater, making the damage unnoticeable until too late. As a result, you should regularly get your water heater tested by specialists at the Punta Gorda water treatment plant.

#4 Cloudy Water with an Unpleasant Smell

Your taps may occasionally produce cloudy water with an off-putting odor. Mineral deposits in the water heater or a bacterial infection growing within the tank cause the water to change texture and smell. 

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