Can You Upgrade and Remodel Your Modular Home?

If you’re planning to remodel or upgrade your modular home, there are some things that you should consider. You’ll need to obtain a permit to make the changes, and you may also qualify for a financial subsidy. Energy efficiency is an important issue and there are many programs and government agencies looking into ways to make homes more energy efficient. Additionally, Maine prefab homes can be easily remodeled to add more space. You can install additional modules to create an extra story, extend the ground floor, or create an independent unit.

If you are planning to renovate your modular home, you should consider its limitations as far as structural and budgetary issues are concerned. For instance, zoning and deed restrictions may restrict certain modifications. You may be prohibited from building a detached addition, or it may be difficult to add on to an existing home. Moreover, you must ensure that there is adequate space for a crane and set crew to access the property. In addition, the foundation needs to be stable enough to hold the weight of the addition, and your septic system may need to be upgraded to accommodate the extra bathrooms.

When renovating a modular home, you need to determine whether the existing modules can handle the modifications. You can do so by replacing existing modules or modifying their set up. The only difference is that Oregon prefab homes do not have interior walls, so it’s important to determine what is structurally sound and able to withstand the changes. If you have a modular home that needs to be remodeled, you can get a structural engineer’s inspection before modifying or changing the modules. To know more about how you can modify your modular home, read the infographic provided by Green-R-Panel, a green prefabricated residential & commercial construction company. We can efficiently complete your modular home renovation project, much faster than traditional construction procedures.