A Guide to Finding the Ideal Mattress for Insomnia

Insomnia is caused by different reasons, from emotional to illnesses. However, the common cause is usually from unsuitable mattresses that provide neither comfort nor spinal support.

If your sleeping paraphernalia is causing you discomfort at night, we recommend switching to the best mattress for insomnia. These mattresses possess several features to increase sleep quality, such as appropriate firmness, supportive edges, and increased breathability.

But how do you find the ideal mattress for insomnia? We recommend visiting Nishikawa and consider the following characteristics:

Optimal Firmness

The firmness requirement of your mattress will depend largely on your body type and sleeping style. We summarized the right mattresses based on the mentioned factors:

  • Firm Mattress – for heavy sleepers who rest on their back or stomach. A firm mattress is also best if you overheat.
  • Medium-Firm – Medium-firm mattresses are ideal for light to medium people who prefer resting on their side. This mattress provides both comfort and spinal support.
  • Soft Mattress – best for lightweight people who like resting on their side. Soft mattresses are also perfect for couples due to decreased motion transfer.

Pressure Relief

Often, insomnia is caused by aches and pains in the vital points, particularly the spine and joints. You can reduce discomfort by choosing the right mattress firmness based on our earlier list.

The material also matters. Latex and memory foam mattresses provide optimal pressure relief because they distribute body weight evenly.

Temperature Regulation

Does the heat keep you awake all night? While this is often caused by poor room ventilation and temperature regulation, your mattress may be causing the problem.

Soft mattresses might cause increased temperature during rest since they make you sink. If you are the type to overheat while sleeping, we advise against using a soft mattress. Instead, opt for a bed that offers increased resistance, like a firm one.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Another reason why some people have insomnia is because of allergies. Mattresses might cause allergic reactions due to allergens in the material. Latex and memory foam may cause allergies, as well as flame-retardant chemicals. Fortunately, these are uncommon.

We highly recommend purchasing hybrid mattresses to prevent potential allergy attacks while sleeping.

Motion Isolation

If constant movement while sleeping bothers you, we recommend looking for mattresses with reduced motion transfer. This is especially valuable if you sleep with a partner who constantly shifts while resting.

Soft mattresses offer increased motion transfer, making them the ideal choice for couples. Due to their inherent softness, you won’t be able to feel your partner move around.

Innovative Mattresses by Nishikawa

Insomnia can be quite a problem. Fortunately, modern sleep technology paved the way for effective mattresses that guarantee peaceful sleep.

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