Window Options for Flat Roofs

June 4, 2019

If you have a flat roof at your property, or you are thinking of constructing a flat roof extension to the rear or side of your property, there are a few different options open to you in terms of bringing in light and space to the room. One such way is to think about flat roof windows and the different options available to you. Roof lanterns supplied and installed by a professional team could be just the answer that you have been looking for when thinking about flat roof windows.

Roof lanterns are a fantastic way to improve the aesthetic and ambience of any property. With the addition of a roof lantern (and its proper installation) your home can change dramatically. The natural light and spaciousness that a roof lantern brings is astounding, and it will make a massive, positive, difference to your life at home and your levels of comfort. Installing a roof lantern at your home will make a massive improvement to your life, no matter your circumstances or current property style. It can be designed using PVC or aluminium to fit any dimensions you wish, adding to the aesthetic and accentuating your style.

The first thing you should do prior to anything else is to look into your existing property and flat roof structure, or your potential flat roof extension, and look at whether planning permission will be required. If there is to be a significant change in the appearance or structure of a property then planning permission is generally required before any work can commence. In terms of a flat roof window being added to a future extension this would require planning permission. Equally, should a sliding box roof light be added to a building, it might require planning permission, whereas a rectangular roof lantern probably would not require planning permission.

It is always best to check out where you stand, and by choosing reputable roof lantern suppliers they will be able to help you with professional opinion and guidance throughout the entire process.

Installation of the vast majority of roof lanterns and skylights are permitted in England and Wales, as long as certain conditions are met. These include that the roof lantern is no further than 150mm from the existing roof plane, and that any alterations are not above the existing roof height.

Once you have covered the project with planning permission requests or understand no planning permission is in fact required, you can move on to the supply and installation of a roof lantern. There will always be building regulations and other industry standards to be aware of and to adhere to, and that is why it is so important that you choose a roof lantern supplier with a firm track record of success. Having that professional expertise and guidance throughout the installation of a roof lantern as part of a flat roof renovation or extension build is vital to ensuring that the end result ticks all of the boxes and provides you with the perfect flat roof window for your needs and desires.