What Kind of Teak Garden Furniture You Should Put in Patio?

May 2, 2019

Patio is a place where people can unleash their inner stress in outdoor environment, but still confined to the house. In order to design a comfortable and functional patio, one should take a great care in its design. That includes choosing suitable teak outdoor furniture for the area. Teak is definitely one of the best hardwoods to be placed outdoor. As expected, there are so many product choices in the market. This article will help you run over the essential list of furniture items that are usually found in patio. Let’s get started!

Teak Patio Furniture Items from Furniture Manufacturers

Those who are still new in home design projects may want to take some inspirations from the following list. Here are several items commonly found in well-designed patio.

  1. Outdoor Bar

This furniture item is great for people who enjoy social setting or simply love to concoct good cocktails. There are various outdoor bar made of teak wood created by varied furniture manufacturers. You can opt for big size bar if the patio is designed as a public space where you occasionally hold parties. However, for small family, small bar with simple storage space will suffice.

  1. Steamer Chair

Patio is a great spot in the house to lounge around. If you are living in an area where the weather is nice all year round, you should get steamer chair. This chair allows you to take comfortable afternoon nap outdoor. Homeowner can also read books or watch movies while reclining their body on this comfortable chair. It is a great match is one’s patio has swimming pool since it can be used for sunbathing.

  1. Armchair

Patio is a perfect place to have conversations with beloved people. Seating arrangement takes a major spot in its design. Most manufacturers offer outdoor armchairs for this purpose. There are many kinds of designs to be found. Those who love simplicity can get clean cut shape of armchairs. Homeowners who love ethnic vibe can get Indonesia furniture with carving arts to adorn their patio.

  1. Dining Table

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have dinner outside once in a while? Outdoor dining table is not a rare product. Many people use it in their home. Because of that you get many options of furniture manufacturers. The size of table depends on how many people that will usually occupy it. However, lately, there are many expandable teak dining tables offered in the market too.

  1. Coffee Table

Coffee table is an essential match for any seating arrangement. There are many cool Indonesia furniture coffee tables with intricate patterns. This furniture item can be used as outdoor storage space as well. People can put magazines, book, and supplies there where sunlight and water will not be able to access those object directly.

  1. Garden Trolley

Another fun teak garden furniture item that will make your patio seems more vibrant is garden trolley. This movable furniture is a place to put your gardening supplies. It is not only functional but makes the patio looking very adorable too. Teak wood is a great choice for this since it is capable of handling humidity and dirt.