The Importance of The Glass Lined Steel for Bolted Tanks

February 3, 2019

If you have ever seen a shinny like steel water tanks, then that would probably be the glass fussed to steel finish which usually appears to be very unique. These two materials are usually fussed or put together so as to benefit from the best properties of both.

The steel as we usually know is always strong and quite flexible and the glass comes with corrosion resistant properties. The two are always combined to make both the exterior and interior surfaces of the steel water tanks and therefore making them to be able to serve for long period of time without any trouble or even being affected by weather conditions no matter how harsh they can be. This technology is quite effective and has been proven over several installations for quite a long duration as it is also supported by the international standards which is responsible for the design and finish of these tanks.

Well, for you to use this effective technology, you will first need to make the steel ready for glassing. Only then, will you be able to go ahead with the consolidating of both the materials. You will first need to have the slip or the base layer of the glass for the tank’s ground coat. This usually does not have any resistance in terms of consumption as it is uniquely shaped using some emulsifying operators in order to facilitate a strong holding to the steel.

After the steel tank is made ready for the fusion, the glass suspension is then applied and given some moments to dry. After this, the structure will then be taken to an electric heater where it will get heated at a certain temperature before it is then left to cool down in order to decrease the worked in anxiety of the glass.

When this is done, the tank is then subjected to different tests so as to verify both the tank’s quality and the durability. If the tank is completely fine and has passed all the tests, it is then taken for further steps and finally taken through an extra check for quality control after which the tank will now be ready to be delivered for installation.

A lot of experts usually see these kind of tanks as being definitive tanks due to the fact that they take advantage of two different materials to come up with a great product to the users for different applications. Learn a few things about them here.

As we have mentioned before, these tanks are usually very much durable and can last for a period of up to 40 to 60 years when they are well maintained. They can even go for much longer time when the installation is done properly. If you are using these glass-lined steel water tanks, you need to ensure that you are using a high quality product.

This is because the quality and the lifespan of the tank will always determine the costs you are going to incur for maintenance. Well, you might be forced to dig in a bit deeper in to your pockets during the early stages of trying to acquire the tank and installing it but in the long run, you will find out that it was worth it. This is because you won’t need to spend much for maintenance and repair as compared to the concrete and welded tanks.

Another advantage of using these tanks is the fact they have a concealed outline which makes them very easy to install and can also be adapt to future expansion. This also makes it easy for the repairs to be done if there is a damage to any of the bolted sections. You can simply replace the sections with the few pieces that remained during the assembling of the tanks or even use them whenever the tanks needs to be redesigned.

The glass-lined steel also provides a great exhaustion resistance than water, soluble bases, and acids among other substances. As a follow-up of the resistance, this glass cover can therefore serve you for quite a long duration even in circumstances that would always bring a lot of damage to most metal structures.

Also, due to the fact that these tanks are always built off-site, you can expect a high level of craftsmanship and therefore you can always be sure of great quality tanks that you can use for many years to come.