How Using The Right Linemen Tools Can Save Your Life

June 15, 2019

A lineman’s job is very risky all alone, due to the fact that they are always working just feet below the actual power lines or directly by them. In order to ensure their safety, they should always use the safest tools and gear on the market so no injuries occur during their workday. Some particular tools used on the job are cable strippers, gloves, safety belts, and hooks. All of these items are to help make sure the job is done correctly and safely without the fear of being electrocuted or falling from the pole while climbing. Without these tools, a lineman would have absolutely no safety precautions which could lead to serious injuries or even death.

Cable Strippers

Cable strippers are one of the most important linemen tools as they are needed constantly throughout their workday. Cable strippers allow the lineman to peel back the insulation that is covering the wire or cable on the pole. Without cable strippers, a lineman would not safely be able to reach the cables and wires that they need in order to finish the job correctly.


Electrical linemen gloves are necessary for this line of work because, without them, one can easily get electrocuted which almost always leads to death. All electrical grid work requires hands-on jobs which means the worker is going to need gloves that allow them to grip all wires without the fear of being electrocuted. By having special electrical linemen gloves, the worker will be able to work safely at all times.

Safety Belts

A safety belt not only holds a lineman to the pole through clips and rope, but it also allows them to store tools they will need for the job at their side. Without a belt, a lineman would be doing something called a free climb where dig into the pole with their hooks and climb to where the wires are with no safety belt to help catch them if a fall was to happen. Years ago, free climbs were a daily thing which meant deaths happened on an occasional basis. In today’s world of linemen tools, the fear of death and injuries has greatly decreased.


Hooks are absolutely the most important tool used by a lineman as it allows them to climb up a pole with support through the hooks digging into the wood deeply. Although boom trucks can be used to bring the lineman to where he needs to be, it is always ideal to have a set of hooks for when the workers need to go across terrain that a boom truck cannot drive through. Having hooks on hand will allow all linemen to climb any pole in any type of ground condition.

Not only does having the correct tools for a lineman job provide safety to the worker, but it also helps them remain comfortable while performing tasks throughout the day. With the use of hooks, belts, wire strippers, and gloves, they will be given all the safety needed to avoid serious injuries and possibly death. In today’s world, these tools need to be present so when an inspector comes around to visit, they will notice that all safety precautions were taken and they can move on to the next job site. If these tools and gear are not on hand, there is always a chance of fines or the company being shut down due to negligence.