2019 Comparison: Vinyl Siding vs Fiber Cement: Cost, Maintenance, Durability

March 27, 2019

Fiber Cement Siding or Vinyl Siding – What’s the Difference?

Finding the perfect replacement for your exterior home siding is a big task and choosing the right material is as crucial. There’s a lot to consider especially when we look at energy efficiency, cost, looks, and durability as well.

Today’s most popular siding material is vinyl, which surpassed aluminum’s popularity back in the 1960s. Vinyl siding has a versatile outlook and can easily blend with any architectural style. On the other hand, fiber cement is the all-weather siding alternative and mostly used in place of the rather old school wood siding.

Well, vinyl’s popularity in America didn’t come as a surprise to many – it is easy to install, averagely affordable, long-term durable, and requires minimal maintenance. Most homeowners will testify the beauty of vinyl siding and would rather save some extra dollars vinyl siding. Furthermore, Legacy USA has one of the best vinyl siding options and quality that is not comparable to any other Hunterdon county siding company.

Legacy offers a variety of vinyl siding options including vinyl shingle and shakes, as well as vertical and horizontal options. The versatility of vinyl does not end there – expect a wide variety of colors to choose from and if you get a little confused, we have experienced technicians to take you through.

When Legacy decided to restructure its portfolio of home exterior products, our siding spearheaded the vinyl section and it was not long before major brands recognized our works – we received A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In 2018, REMODELLING magazine ranked Legacy USA siding contractor #59 in a list that had 550 of America’s biggest specialty remodelers.

As a top certified contractor, we are able to serve not only Hunterdon county but also Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware with a personalized touch: no wonder our database tells us more than 5500 customers are happy with our services! We have collaborated with the best manufacturing brands to ensure our 300 technicians and staff are able to take you through your project to the last process of cleaning up.

Fiber Cement vs. Vinyl Siding Comparison


  • Legacy USA – A wide variety of colors including darker shades as well as period colors
  • Fiber Cement from the other contractors – Premade types available at pricier ranges and in lesser color options.


  • Legacy USA – Normal soap and water wash- will not need extra caulking or painting
  • Fiber Cement from the other contractors – Requires regular re-painting and re-caulking to prevent absorption of moisture and maintain color


  • Legacy USA – Non-absorbent (Yes)
  • Fiber Cement from the other contractors – Absorptive (No)


  • Legacy USA – Resistant to damage
  • Fiber Cement from the other contractors – Prone to chipping or cracking during shipment, handling, and installation. Also susceptible to freeze and thaw behaviors

Color preservation

  • Legacy USA – Approved certification of color retention
  • Fiber Cement from the other contractors – Requires painting and re-painting at scheduled intervals

Other Certifications

  • Legacy USA – ASTM standards for impact resistance, appearance, and wind load
  • Fiber Cement from the other contractors – n/a

Energy Efficiency

  • Legacy USA – Legacy insulated siding lowers heat loss
  • Fiber Cement from the other contractors – None

Environmental Impact

  • Legacy USA – Contributes to ICC 700 and LEED National Green Building standards.
  • Fiber Cement from the other contractors – Contributes relatively low points to ICC 700 national green Building Standard


  • Legacy USA – Minimal maintenance and installation costs
  • Fiber Cement from the other contractors – Costs surpass vinyl sliding by up to 50%, not counting initial painting

Certified Installers Programs

  • Legacy USA – Vinyl siding is installed through Vinyl Siding Institute
  • Fiber Cement from the other contractors – Non